Jean Gotta

Happy to meat you

I started up my company Jean Gotta s.a. in 1975, so that makes it nearly 40 years that I have been active in meat processing.

For almost 40 years, my motto has remained unchanged: to earn and keep your satisfaction, day after day, and to serve you at the best quality/price ratio.
For almost 40 years, I have been making commitments to you.
Because I know that you and I share identical values – we were made to come together, understand each other and get along. The slogan I have chosen puts this self-evidence into words: Happy to meat you!


Superior Taste Award 2014 : Jean Gotta receives 1 Golden Star for his Hamburger onion/parsley !

With more than 73.4%, our hamburger onion/parsley received 1 Golden Star at Superior Taste Award 2014 !

BRC level A. It’s simple, there’s nothing better...

We are, once again, extremely proud to have obtained, with the highest grade, the renewal of our BRC certification...





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And more besides!

The way I work


We work daily to improve the quality of our services. From order to delivery, your satisfaction is our priority.


I undertake to offer you a personalised response. Your satisfaction and that of your customers are at the focus of our daily concerns.


Innovation has always been at the heart of my concerns. With my ready meals, I want to achieve production of an artisanal quality on an industrial scale. We have also recently created the ranges Nour (Halal), Bio, Equilibrium, Bleue des prés, etc.


Our BRC level A (the highest) certified quality system guarantees you traceability from pitchfork to fork as well as total production control.

At your service:

We are at your service at each step of the process, from the animal chosen by my technical sales people to delivery, via the administrative team.


Because we know how important it is, we offer you meticulous and customised cutting: genuine à la carte service.


We have implemented an easy-to-read cut sheet, allowing you to easily calculate your financial return.