Jean Gotta

Key dates

I regard my company as an exciting human adventure. While each day is different, a clear perspective can always be made out on the horizon. This adventure concerns women and men above all, but certain dates that punctuate it are important to note.

  • 1975 : the company Etablissements Jean Gotta s.a. is set up

  • 1989 : move into in the Aubel agrifood zone and creation of the Qualitybeef specifications
  • 1992 : launch of the label Blanc Bleu Fermier
  • 1993 : creation of the “Viande et nature” grouping which structures our certified meat production industry and winning of the Boeuf Européen de Qualité label
  • 1999 : takeover of activities by the company s.a. Herman et Leduc of Saint-Trond (which explains the GHL)
  • 2002 : first expansion of our facilities, totalling 2.85 million Euro
  • 2004 : British Retail Consortium (BRC) certification
  • 2006 : creation of the Equilibrium economic interest grouping
  • 2008 : second expansion of our infrastructure, doubling of boning facilities and deployment of the consumer portion division
  • 2008 : first Belgian player to offer all types of consumer packaging (Darfresh skin, classic or Mirabella MAP protective atmosphere)
  • 2013 : new image for Jean Gotta
  • 2013 : launch of the e-commerce platform

  • 2019 : we have lots of projects in store...