Jean Gotta

My commitments

1. Livestock

My buyers know what they are buying

The choice made by my buyers entails meeting your request down to the last detail. This choice takes into account, in particular, the breed or the age of the animal, but also the preference for direct collaboration with a local producer.

These criteria therefore form a good part of the quality and know-how, and are recorded in no fewer than 10 sets of specifications.
I apply the same level of exactingness when I coordinate the work of several hundred stock breeders within “Viande et nature”, a grouping set up in 1994.


2. Carcass

Under the ante and post-mortem inspection of veterinarians from FASFC, the animals I buy are slaughtered in Aubel, in the adjoining municipal abattoir.

Each cut or piece of meat is subject to identification which meets European standards.
This identification guarantees one-to-one traceability.

Before arriving at the cutting plant, all carcasses undergo shock chilling for several hours before conventional chilling. This technique ensures that the meat’s intrinsic qualities are optimally retained.


3. Cutting

Boning of the carcass is the next step. Semi-trimmed or ready-to-slice, boning, highly exacting work, is done à la carte, according to your orders and depending on the different specifications.

All pieces remain identifiable at all times thanks to custom labelling.

Highly qualified, my team is entirely devoted to its work. My meats are packaged in a vacuum in shrink-wrapped bags and can be delivered in trays, boxes or roll containers, as per your request.


4. Portions

Since 2004, I have been perfecting an extensive range of “consumer portions”.
High-performance tools (packaging under Darfresh skin or conventional, Mirabella etc. MAP) guarantee an optimum shelf life.
All types of meats are handled by variety: bovine, porcine and ovine.
Finally, in order to meet your consumers’ expectations, I also offer ready meals (brochettes, American, sausages, minced beef, etc.).

I wanted this range of products to reflect me: authentic, artisanal, flavoursome.


5. Delivery

Every day, our refrigerated lorries cut across the roads of Belgium and Europe in order to deliver my meat to you.

With a constant eye to perfection, I always work with the same transportation company. Besides fast routing, its 30 refrigerated vehicles guarantee you rigorous maintenance of the cold chain right up to the point of delivery.

At your service

We are at your service at each step of the process: from the animal chosen by my technical sales people to delivery, via the administrative team.


Offering you innovative and flavoursome products that are the company?s pride.


Allowing you to calculate your financial return thanks to one-to-one cut sheets.


Assuring you traceability from the pitchfork to the fork and total production management thanks to a quality system.


Offering you ?tailored?, meticulous and customised cutting.


To serve you optimally and at the time you want it is one of our priorities.