Jean Gotta

My values

The food processing industry is a particularly sensitive sector. It is a responsibility that I never forget. It is based on personal values from which neither I, nor my employees ever stray.


We take control of quality at each step of our procedures, from the living animal to its consumer portion. This quality is of prime importance. It is the sine qua non condition of our customers’ satisfaction (and of yours). We do everything to maintain it, but also to continuously improve it.



We did not wait for sustainable development to become a marketing tool before practising it on a daily basis. Similarly, each one of our employees is individually involved in the company’s joint success, follows both procedures and objectives, and continuously shares, disseminates and increases his or her personal know-how.



The position we hold on the market today is one we have arrived at through our work and our qualities. We have arrived at this position by making a relevant response to customer and market expectations. And this position we intend to uphold, affirm and strengthen. We continuously scrutinise ourselves in order to avoid any lapses or even the smallest decline in standards.



We make it a point of honour to respond swiftly and effectively to our customers’ requests, even when they are out of the ordinary. An especially short timeframe, specific packaging, a different mode of logistics will not put off these professionals who know how to adapt to unforeseen changes.



Our constant striving to improve quality necessarily involves innovation. We apply the latter on a daily basis and across all areas. Production procedures, process, development of (new) products, equipment, etc., are all sectors where we practise this aspiration to novelty which makes us stand out.


A family spirit

We maintain a corporate culture in which communication rules. We favour and encourage frank, direct, respectful and constructive contacts among our employees. Every day, we thus contribute to building, together, a company, a human group, a family to which everyone is proud to belong.